Hey there! Glad you have come by to visit my blog! It’s always great to have people that might have the same interests as me stop by and visit. By the way, my name is Darcy and I just love blogging about all the different things that I love to do and even dream about doing in the future. Nothing like having a good bucket list to work from. Although sometimes I think mine is just getting far to big. Oh well, guess there is nothing wrong with dreaming is there? My grandmother told me this “The day you stop dreaming is the day you stop living.” That has always stuck with me all my life. Pretty good thing to live by if you ask me.

I have so many interests many of my friends kind of think I’m a bit eccentric because a lot of them don’t even go together. I mean a lot of people who have a lot of interests a lot of them can be tied into together but as for me it’s whatever I feel good doing is something that I am going to add to my list of interests. I simply don’t like to get bored so I’m always looking for something new and fun to do.

I love collecting a variety of different things, and no, I’m not a hoarder, LOL. I really do know how to tell myself “no” when it looks like I might be getting out of control. Sometimes if I start getting a tad too much collected I’ll just take the things I least like in my collection and sell them to other people who might be looking just for what I’m trying to get rid of.

One of my favorite things that I love to collect and to display every year are those Christmas Village pieces. My goodness I am just bonkers over those. I love how fun it is each year to go through all the different buildings and little moving pieces and setting them up all through the house. Each year I try to set the village up differently so that  it appears to be new to those who visit. I usually set up an entire town in my front room and a winter wonderland escape in the kitchen and sometimes it will trial off down my hallway, depending upon my mood. But enough of that for now.

Another thing that I like to collect are antiques. I love how antiques tell us so much about our history and it’s amazing just how much better quality things were way back when. One of my favorite shows on the History Channel is “American Pickers”. I really enjoy watching the treasures that end up finding in some of the most unlikely places. It’s a good thing to watch if you want to learn how to look for antiques. I’ve learned an awful lot from those two guys Mike and Frank.

I also enjoy collecting sports cards, especially football cards, since football happens to be my favorite sport to watch. I know this kind of collection is sure different from the other two, but that’s just the way that I am. It use to be a huge collectors market for sports cards and you could really make some big bucks, but in recent years it has not been as lucrative so it’s not quite as much fun as it use to be. But as a collector, you never give up hope until the very end.

Other things I enjoy are a variety of different creative hobbies, especially making things from nature, along with gardening and traveling or at least dreaming about traveling somewhere amazing. If I have gone there and want to it goes right on that bucket list of mine.