Fun-filled Green Gardening Inspirations

See this? It’s called a book. Read it. Read all about it. If you haven’t got time for reading, well then, look at the pretty glossy photographs instead. Also keep a pen and paper handy for this exercise. You see, under each beautiful photograph of a flower or plant there will usually be a nice caption or inscription which gives you a brief, but detailed narrative of what sort of plant this is. Now, this actually is how I got started on my fun-filled green gardening inspirations.

Today, I have green fingers. But figuratively-speaking, of course, because, of course, my fingers aren’t really green. Someone who has green fingers, that could be you too someday, is said to really be into his or her gardening. He or she loves everything about flowers and plants and not a day can go by without a touch of gardening. It’s like an addiction. Winter times are pretty tough. Withdrawal symptoms set in when the rain or snow starts to fall.

Lucky for me, its summer time. Time for some more fun-filled green gardening. But now this. It’s officially the third week of summer out our way and its really getting quite hot. This is not good for the poor plants. My plants are doing alright because I specifically chose a bunch of perennials for my yard. Also, that’s why I said green in my heading; I happen to love that everything must be green and stay green.

So I deliberately went with a few pot plants with lots of green leaves that do very well in the shade. We have a very nice patio area where I’m staying. The awning covering our patio area is a tad translucent so the sun’s rays still get through, but not too much of it. Guys, I wish you could be here at the crack of dawn in the morning. That’s about the one thing I don’t like about summer. The sun rises very early out here.

I guess you could say that the sun’s become my alarm clock. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to say. Even before the sun rears its head, oh gosh, I hear them right now, birds, little ones, chirping to themselves, the birds are already up. Sometimes, when things are going really well for them, they make quite a racket in the morning. But I don’t mind. I love the little creatures. I don’t even mind cleaning their guano from our patio area.

Speaking of which, if you could collect enough of the stuff, you could collect bird’s guano and recycle it as manure. This is info for your organic and sustainable hobbies list for the future. There’s tons of other stuff you can also make with bird’s stuff. The birds are also great for our plants and trees. I’ve got no bees here right now. Sad to be saying this, but I really don’t have that kind of time available to devote towards becoming a successful beekeeper.

Maybe someday in the future because I love the bees too. It’s a cracking hobby to get into and its one of the biggest contributors towards saving the environment and promoting and practicing sustainable living. I hope someday to return to this splendid endeavor. I hope you’ve got enough inspiration to start looking into this proud practice as early as next year.

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