Having a Hobby is Good for Your Overall Health

Did you know that having a hobby of some kind is really good for both your physical and mental Health? Not many people realize that and some might even think that a hobby is just a waste of valuable time. However, what else should you do with your spare time? Do things that continue to bring you stress, sit around think about things you can’t really do anything about? Some people also think that a hobby is for someone who has too much time on their hands and that they are just far too busy to waste their time on such frivolous stuff. But, even people that have full, busy and often stress filled lives need hobbies and sometimes they need them far more than the average person. Everyone, no matter who they are can benefit from having a hobby or hobbies in their lives. They can bring you many different benefits that can usually make them far worth more than the time it takes to be involved with them. Here’s a few reasons why hobbies are good for you.

Break Time

Hobbies are a way to give you a totally work free and responsibility free piece of time out of your stressful and busy schedule. They give you the chance to take a break from all the stresses of the world around you. This especially good for those people who might often feel extremely overwhelmed by all the things they seem to be required to do. By getting involved in a hobby you have a way to recharge your batteries so to speak. It gives you an opportunity to do something that you really like to do. If you feel like you are far too busy for a hobby you may be depriving yourself of something that brings you pleasure and you need to stop and give yourself permission to take a break from your hectic life to just relax and hobbies can help you do that. Also with a hobby you are doing something which still gives you a break from life but it makes you feel like you’re doing something and not just sitting around and being lazy. Simply put, hobbies are a fun way to give you a much deserved break from a busy week.

Gives a Sense of Eustress

So what is eustress? Well, that’s a form of healthy stress that all of us need in order for us to remain feeling excited about our lives. This means that hobbies are good for people who don’t live overly stressed out lives and could even be under stimulated and a hobby can give them that eustress. If a person leads kind of a dull and boring life then a hobby is something that can give them more meaning, more fun and can break up that boring daily schedule they might be living. So hobbies can provide the right amount of challenge for some people to keep life interesting.

Can Be a Social Outlet

Depending upon what kind of a hobby one might choose, some hobbies can be a social outlet because some hobbies can lead them to join a variety of different group activities. Here’s a few examples: Golf, knitting circles, quilting bees, creative writing groups, book clubs and so on. A lot of hobbies will help a person connect with other people and give them the benefit of social support, because in the end we are all social creatures and this in turn can be a stress relief and bring fun back into our lives.

Hobbies might bring new friends into our lives, friends that have the same interests and ones you can share some fun with. Even old friends can be brought closer if you both share the same hobby interests because it can bring you closer together by sharing some quality time together with a hobby.

Can Bring Pleasure

Activities that bring fun into our lives are pleasurable and we thrive when we do things that bring us healthy pleasure and hobbies are something that can do that. Hobbies can bring both enjoyment and relaxation into our lives and this then can lift our moods. Hobbies can actually be good for our overall feeling of a sense of joy in our lives and this is incredible for our mental and physical health.

Can Be Gratifying

Gratification is something else that is important to our well being. To obtain gratification we need to have some sort of challenge in our lives, something to accomplish and all hobbies have a final goal and when we reach that goal it gives us a feeling of accomplishment and gratification. Sometimes hobbies can get us so involved that we even lose track of time because we are fully engaged in something that makes us happy and this can reduce stress and just makes you feel better. If you are looking for something to help relieve your stress and bring you that feeling of gratification then a hobby is the route to take.

Wards Off Feeling Burned Out

If you suffer from chronic stress it can often lead you to feeling burned out and this can impact your performance on the job and that can lead to a feeling of not being satisfied. By having a hobby it will give you a feeling of freedom and an outlet for that stress. It gives you something to look forward to after you’ve worked all day or all week. Hobbies are a great way in which you can ward off the effects of your stressful job and will help keep you feeling burned out because of it.

Less Tired Feeling

Studies have shown that people who participate in leisure activities or hobbies for about 20 minutes a week are far less going to feel tired and fatigued. The studies have also shown that often time these people will have lower blood pressure and just feel a lot better physically and mentally and they have lower levels of depression than those who don’t have a hobby.

Here’s a list of some of the best hobbies to alleviate stress:

•    Gardening
•    Photography
•    Scrapbooking
•    Have an Aquarium
•    Zig Saw Puzzles
•    Drawing
•    Painting
•    Knitting and Crocheting
•    Playing the piano or any musical instrument

So there you have it. Find a hobby and be happy!


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