Holiday/Seasonal Decor Made From Nature

Before you know it, the holidays will be here. I know you’re probably even not thinking about it however, it really is just a few months away, so why not start thinking about making some holiday items to spruce up your holidays that are made from nature? Here are a few ideas that I wanted to share with you that I hope you will want to use for your own décor during the holidays.

Make Walnut Ornaments Shine Like Gold

Here is a way you can use walnuts as ornaments for your tree and make them look like golden treasures hanging from the limbs of a tree or actually anywhere you want to put them in your home. All you need to do is take some walnuts and put them on some newspaper. Now take some gold spray paint and paint the walnuts making sure you turn them over so you can paint all sides of the walnuts. Let them dry and once they are dried take some ornament hangers and straighten one end out and push the straight end into your walnut at the top. The wire should stay in the walnut itself but to be safe just put a dot of glue around it to make it more secure. Do this with all the walnuts you have and when it’s time to decorate your tree you will have some beautiful gold treasures to hang on it.

Mini Wreaths Made of Cranberries

You will need some fresh cranberries and some floral wire. For each wreath you will need about 20 or 25 berries. All you have to do is take the floral wire and poke it through each berry and once you have them all on the wire tie the wire into a circle and then tie a bow at the top of the wreaths and they are ready to hang on your tree.

Pine Cone Garlands

Garlands are always great to use as decoration for the holidays or any time of year, but especially good during fall and winter and you can make them easily from pine cones for a rustic look. If you live somewhere near any pine trees then you can gather up all the pine cones that you need for free. There’s nothing better than free I always say.

Here’s what you will need to make pine cone garlands:
•    Lots of pine cones of all shapes and sizes (will need about 15 pine cones per foot)
•    Twine
•    Scissors
•    Foil
•    Cookie sheet

Once you have all the pine cones you want make sure to wash them under running water to get rid of any dirt and sap there might be. The next thing you want to do is to line a cookie sheet with foil and bake your pine cones at 200° F for an hour. You do this to kill any unwanted “critters” that might have tagged along for a free ride. It also removes any excess moisture the pine cones might have. After your pine cones are done and while you are letting them cool off you will want to cut one long piece of your twine, and then a bunch of smaller pieces that are about 10 inches long each, this is to wrap around the pine cones bases. So cut the same amount of small pieces twine as the amount of pine cones you have. Add a loop at the end of each piece of twine for hanging purposes.

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