More Great Places to Go Antiquing at in the US

There are so many great places to visit that offer a wonder choice of places to shop for antiques that I just had to post a second piece on some of the others that you might want to check out for some serious antiquing. There’s nothing like shopping in small towns that not only have great antiques to offer but also a lot of local history that often goes with the antiques that you buy.

Stillwater, Minnesota

This town with a population of around 18,674 is only a 30 minute drive away from downtown Minneapolis. This town has a nice old world charm about it and is very welcoming to all visitors that pass through. It has a wonderful scenic view that’s along the St. Croix River that you will enjoy while shopping there too. This is a town that is not filled with antique shops but a lot of bed and breaskfasts as well as historic inns for visitors to enjoy. Their antiques actually play a big role in their town’s commerce. What you will want to do is first visit the American Gothic Antiques which is located, you guessed on Main Street. This has two floors of different independent dealers that love showcasing their goods with a lot of them focusing on the Civil War era, so this is a great spot for those who are into collecting items from the Civil War. When you’re done here just go across the street and visit Midtown Antique Mall. Here you will find a lot of historic furniture and some pretty rare collectible items. Once done here go on to Let There Be Light Antiques. This place has over 500 rare and vintage light fixtures if you can believe that.

Walnut, Iowa

Talk about quaint and small, you’ll find it here in Walnut, Iowa with just a population of about 776 people. But don’t let the smallness fool you. The people in Walnut are crazy about antiques and for such a small town they have almost 12 shops, markets and malls that line the streets of this little midwestern country town. It’s actually known as Iowa’s Antique City and they celebrate it’s status with their annual town wide antique show that actually attracts about 300 different dealers from all over the country. This happens each year in June, so this is when you might want to visit. When you are there make sure to visit The Barn Mall, it’s actually a barn that has about 34 different booths on two different floors and has a third floor that is just for an assortment of vintage chairs. After you are done there go visit Vintage Bulldog and here you’ll find all kinds of classic cameras, old, old radios and even some great retro fans.

Hazel, Kentucky

If you thought Walnut was small, check out Hazel with a population of only 410 people. This little southern town might be small but believe it or not it has 12 antique shops for you to explore. Almost all of these shops are lined up on, you guessed it again, Main Street which makes for a really easy day of strolling through a little bit of American history. You’ll really enjoy going through decades of different kinds of country fashions at the State Line Ranch & Home. Here you’ll find all kinds of vintage hats, jeans, boots and all kinds of rodeo gear. Then make sure to check out Blue Moon Antiques. Here you’ll find all kinds of antique furniture and some great armoires. It’s really an incredible place to visit.

If you get hungry, there are only two restaurants in the city of Hazel but if you want some really good stuffed pork tenderloin or a great tasting 10 ounce ribeye steak at The Blue and White Grill.

Clinton, Tennessee

You’re going to want to more than likely spend an entire day in Clinton, Tennessee because there are tons of things to discover on their Clinton Antique Trail. This is Tennessee’s antique hub that is on the Clinch River. They are relatively small with just under 10,000 residents but they get tons of visitors to their small town because of it’s emphasis on their antiques and it’s warm southern charm. Their antique shops feature just about everything from American and European antiques including Primitive period furniture. You can start you day off by checking out the home d├ęcor items that can be found at Burrville Antiques, this is the towns oldest shop. Next on your list you should check out The Antique Market. Here you’ll find a bunch of 1900’s era building that holds antiques, primitives and a huge selection of different collectibles. If you continue on down the trail you will be able to explore 12 more antique shops with tons of treasures to discover.

If you get hungry or looking for a good breakfast make sure to check out the Golden Girls Restaurant where you can find some really good biscuits and grits.

Charleston, South Carolina

This is a lively city that has a ton of historic streets to explore especially in the coastal town’s commerce district. This beautiful city is filled with rivers, canals and creeks and it’s one of the biggest antiquing destinations in the south. You’ll want to first visit King Street Antique District with antiques from just about an era in American history you can think of. They also offer international finds and you’ll find dozens of other vendors both on and around King Street. Don’t forget to visit Gold & Associates Antiques. This is the place to go if you are looking for high end antiques that include really ornate chandeliers, bed frames and even fireplaces. Make sure to visit Jacques’ Antiques. You’ll love it’s really inviting storefront and it also has a good inventory of high end vintage furniture and a collection of some really beautiful and ornate mirrors.

Before you head out of Charleston you must make a stop at the Sugar Bakeshop. If you don’t you’ll be sorry. Here you can enjoy some delicious almond chocolate coconut cupcakes or some yummy ginger molasses cookies.


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