Organic and Sustainable Hobbies We Should All Be Practicing

Hoo boy, hope that heading of mine didn’t come off all preachy like. It’s not my intention guys. All I really want is for you to start having fun around the house with things that matter. Let’s face it; we get so hung up on our busy work life these days that we often forget about those things in life that really matter. And because I got stuck in with my own healthy outdoor life at home, I soon discovered just how much fun I could have with, let’s just say, organic and sustainable hobbies we should all be practicing.

But before I do that, I wanna pick up from where we left off last time. I was having such a blast with my intro to fun things that you can do and enjoy outside, not inside of your house. So, just so I don’t get carried away too much this time, I’m gonna start rolling off with my ideas. I guess it’s going to lead nicely into the organic and sustainable hobbies theme I originally had in mind for this blog post. So, get your pen and paper ready, guys, and have some fun.

Seeing as I spent a bit of time chatting to you about the birds, no, I didn’t mention birds, but now I’m going to, I thought I’d carry on with the bees for a bit. If you’re a nature lover like me, you should start thinking about these next two things. The one bullet will take some time getting into, its hard work ahead, believe me, I tried it out once, but the next bullet is really cool, it’s a great outdoor hobby and it’s really quite easy to get into.

  • Domestic beekeeping – If some of you’ve got more ambition than me, then you can do really well for yourself with this long-term hobby. The easiest path leading into successful beekeeping is to simply start doing your own reading and research.
  • Bird watching – Guys, I mean the boys really, this isn’t what you were thinking. I mean real bird watching. You can start this up in your own yard.
  • Housekeeping – Huh! Yup, that’s right guys. Do your own chores for a change.
  • Gardening – It had to come down to that, didn’t it. Even if you only have space for just one or two pot plants, that’s okay too.
  • Cooking – Outside, how is this possible? Er, it’s called the barbecue, remember that one.
  • ? – I left a question mark here for you on purpose. It’s going to sound like I’m starting to preach to you again, but really what it is is a bit of a healthy brain exercise for you to get moving on. It’s up to you really to think about something you might like to do outside. The main reason why I chose this spot is because everyone’s backyard is different.

We all have different sized yards and maybe your urban area is too congested to follow one of my interesting ideas here. I’m lucky, I guess. While my yard space is small, there’s enough bright spots for me to keep myself busy in. Yes, it’s also mostly concrete, but I’ve taught myself how to innovate and improvise well.

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