Some of the Best Places in the US to Go Antiquing

You don’t have to be an antique dealer or a interior designer to know where to find some of the best places to shop for antiques. There are quite a few good places that you can go to find what you are looking for, in fact so many that I thought I would try to narrow it down to a few of the top towns that are ideal for antiquing and finding just the right antique you might be looking for.

Millerton, New York

No matter what, New York and all of the East Coast has some of the best antiquing you can find. And there’s no wondering why about that, after all the East Coast has been around than longer than most of the rest of the United States so it makes sense that this area would be a great place to go antique hunting.

Millerton, New York is about two hours north of the Big Apple and it sits on the border of Connecticut. It’s a really small town but has it’s own very unique flair when it comes to the independent businesses that it offers. When you are looking for quality antiques not only will you find them here but you will also be shopping in a very warm and welcoming environment. The people of Millerton just love to see visitors coming to town. If you want to find a good place for antiques all you have to do is go to the Millerton Antiques Center that’s located on Main Street and the best thing, it’s open seven days a week. It has 35 different dealer and the Center houses a variety of different specialty stalls that include some fine European art, pottery as well as some Oriental rugs. There’s more to see on Main Street after the Center. You can visit a hot spot called Hunter Bee and the very well stocked antique store called B.W.’s Eagle Eye, both big favorites in Millerton.

After shopping or if you want to take a break from shopping make sure to stop off at The Irving Farm Coffee House. You’ll love the delicious house blend they have and their fresh baked pastries. Yum.

Adamstown, Pennsylvania

Again, staying on the East Coast is Adamstown, Pennsylvania. This town is often called the Antiques Capital of the USA. Adamstown and others in the area of Lancaster County is actually home to about 20 different antique stores and vintage stores. You can start your antiquing by going to Stoudts Black Angus Antiques Mall. This is a big market that’s filled with a variety of vendors that are selling a lot of antique furniture, various collectibles as well as vintage clothing and jewelry. You’ll want to spend some time while you are visiting this antique mall by also sampling some of the beers the mall has to offer. They brew the beer right on site so you know it’s fresh. They also offer a variety of different freshly made breads and cheeses too. When you are done shopping at this mall you will want to go on over to the Mad Hatter Antique Mall. Here you’ll find well over 100 different booths that are showcasing all of their vintage and antique goods. There’s enough here to keep you happy all day long.

Wiscasset, Maine

Before you even start shopping for antiques here you will be utterly charmed by the historic grandeur that makes Wiscasset what it is. When you go here you will experience the most picture perfect scenery of a Maine village. It overlooks the Sheepscot River and only has a population of about 3.700 people and their love for antiques and antiquing is truly hard to miss. You can start off by visiting Water Street Antiques where you can find a very nicely cataloged collection of some really great American antiques, weapons, books as well as folk art. After you are done there you’ll want to go just across the road to Michael Dunn Antiques. Here you’ll find a really pristine display of some really world class antiques. They have even sold items to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Victoria & Albert Museum along with others. Your antique hunt will continue on to Patricia Stauble Antiques where you can find a lot of antique fine china if you’re into china it’s the place to go. And finally you’ll want to visit the Wiscasset Bay Gallery where you can enjoy a variety of lovely paintings.

You might get a little hungry so make sure to stop off at Red’s Eats for some of Maine’s best lobster rolls ever.

Buchanan, Virginia

Buchanan is a very small town with only a population of 1,178 people but it’s a lovely little town that is right at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it’s a wonderful place to go antique shopping. This little town is famous for its Antique Alley and their Main Street has five different outlets that are just overflowing with a variety of specialty and vintage items for you to browse through. You will want to start your hunting off at The Barefoot Peddler. This is a family owned business and it specializes in painted furniture and various kinds of wall d├ęcor. Make sure to take a stroll down Main Street in order to discover the newest addition to Antique Alley and that’s Purgatory Emporium, here you’ll find well over 40 different vendors that sell antiques, vintage items, collectibles as well as fresh made jellies and jams.

Galena, Illinois

The guys from American Pickers have traveled here before and had plenty of fun looking for antiques and you will too. Galena is a little village that is located in the Northwestern part of Illinois and it has truly made a big name for itself when it comes to antiquing. The population in Galena is only about 3,430 people and it is a favorite to visit by those who live in Chicago when looking for a quick weekend getaway. You can start off on Main Street by visiting All That’s Vintage which has a ton of rare toys, cameras and a variety of antique knick-knacks. Then when you’re done with that you can travel south on Main Street and check out Rustic River Finds. This is a shop where you can find both new and repurposed jewelry that is made right on site. If you go further down Main Street you run into Gustafson & Grey they are fully stocked with racks and racks of vintage fashions and jewelry. Then on Commerce Street you’ll find what’s called Tin Pan Alley Antique Mall where you can find all kinds of antiques and vintage items. Finally check out Peace of the Past where you can find a lot of different antique books and other collectibles.

Check them out if you ever get to those areas. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.


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